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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to get tattooed at Black Letter, how do I get booked in?

Coming into the shop for a chat is always going to be the best way to get booked in. Depending on the type of tattoo you want we may be able to book you in then and there whilst others may require a more in depth discussion with one of our artists. In this case we would book you in for a consultation with a particular artist and they can help you refine your ideas. Consultations are completely free.

For those who are travelling a long way, and may find coming in for a consultation difficult, please ring the shop and we’ll arrange something. We will do our best to deal with your query online but these things are always easier in person.

Do you require a Deposit?

To book any tattoo time we will require a deposit. The amount will be dependent on the overall cost for the tattoo. Deposits can be paid as cash in the studio or by bank transfer. All deposits are non-refundable. Please speak to our staff for further details.

Is there a waiting list or can I just walk in?

Waiting lists vary from artist to artist. As this is changing on a weekly basis we ask you to contact the shop for up-to-date waiting times. We always welcome walk-ins but this is completely dependent on artist availability on the day.

I am looking for a tattoo but can’t find any examples of the type I want on your website. Can you still do this?

The tattoos shown on our website are only examples of some types of tattoos we can do. Between our artists we can cover most types of tattoo, small to large. If you are unsure which artist would be best please contact us and we will be happy to recommend.

I have some ideas but am not very artistic. Can you help me design my tattoo?

Absolutely! Black Letter is a  a custom studio and our artists love to work with our customers to design a unique piece of artwork. This is the main purpose of a consultation. If you contact the studio we can recommend an artist.

I already have the image I want to get tattooed. Can you copy it exactly?

Depending on the tattoo this is a possibility but we may need to make some small alterations to make it into a good tattoo that will age well. We will not copy a photo of an existing tattoo or steal someone’s tattoo design.

Will I be shown the design before the day?

This all depends on the type of tattoo you are getting, how much time the artist has had to prepare and which artist you are booked in with. Most of the time we aren’t able to offer this service but if you are having a custom piece and request to see something in advance we will do our best depending on the circumstances.

Are you able to do cover ups?

While it is possible to cover some tattoos all cover ups require extra attention. We will need to see the tattoo you want covering first (ideally in person). For those tattoos that we feel can’t be covered in their current state we do offer laser tattoo removal. Sometimes it is possible to fade the tattoo by laser removal so that another tattoo can be put over the tattoo. Please speak to one of our staff for more information.

Can I bring someone with me when I get tattooed?

We are happy for you to bring someone with you when you get tattooed but depending on how busy the studio is they may not be allowed into the tattooing area. Only people over 18 years of age are allowed into the tattooing area. We also ask you to be considerate to other customers and the members of staff and not bring a group of people with you. Our artists must be able to concentrate at all times. Anyone deemed to be disturbing the artists will be asked to leave.

Are children allowed in the studio?

We are happy for you to bring well behaved children with you whilst making a general enquiry or booking an appointment but ask you not bring children with you on the day of your tattoo, even if another adult is with you to watch them. Under 18′s are only permitted in the waiting area at the front of the shop.

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